We are an online store for tactical knives, fixed blades and outdoor/camping gear. Our collection consists of mostly spring-assisted folding knives, with a growing collection of fixed blades, camping equipment and accessories.


Some of the brands we carry include CRKTGerberCold Steel, KA-BAR, Kershaw, Master USA, MTech USA, Spyderco, Tac Force and we aim to expand our range and provide a wide variety of tactical gears at affordable prices.

Bead Blast

Blasting abrasive at high pressure for an even grey finish. Low reflection & glare but prone to rust especially in humid conditions.

Mirror Polished

Usually done by hand and attractive. Has better corrosion resistance but needs frequent polishing. Scratches easily.


Reduced reflection & glare, corrosion & wear. Coating may come off entirely over time. Quality coatings are mostly  bonded electrically, thermally or chemically.


One of the more common finishes, it is less shiny than mirror polished but still has relatively decent corrosion resistance.


Tumbling the blade in an abrasive material & usually has darkened appearance. High rust resistance & little maintenance, hides scratches & fingerprints easily.